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Phone: 812-855-3743
Fax: 812-856-5570
E-mail: musug [at] indiana [dot] edu

  • musicdus [at] indiana [dot] edu (Prof. Joey Tartell), Director
  • ewoodley [at] indiana [dot] edu (Erin Smith), Advisor
  • wtilghma [at] indiana [dot] edu (Bill Tilghman), Recorder
  • Emily Sclar, Secretary
More Information

Music Undergraduate Office

Music Undergraduate Office administers the following activities:

  • Once you are accepted into the Jacobs School of Music as an undergraduate student, your records are maintained in the Office of Undergraduate Advising and Records Services.

  • All incoming undergraduate music students are required to attend orientation for new students, which is coordinated by our office and designed to help you make a smooth transition to life as a student in the Jacobs School of Music.

  • Our office also provides academic advising throughout your undergraduate study. If you wish to meet with an advisor, please contact our office to make an appointment.

  • We can assist you with registration and signing up for performance study.

  • As you approach graduation, you will need to file an application for degree with our office.

If you decide to change your degree program during your undergraduate years, our office can help you explore your options. Please see Degree Requirements as you consider various programs.